Thursday, September 3, 2009


From Grandma Beverly
two versions- 25 1-cup freezer bags

20 cups fresh corn cut off cob
3/4 lb butter
½ cup sugar
1 ½ pt half/half cream

mix in large pan (roaster) w/lid. Heat in 325̊ oven for 1 ½ hr stirring occasionally - cool as quickly as possible - bag & freeze. Can use an electric roaster - set temperature at 250 degrees so it doesn’t burn - stir often.- may have to bake about 1.5 hr this way.

My 2003 recipe:

48 ears of corn - cut off cobs made 28 cups.
3 cups cream (mixture of 2 cups heavy cream & 1 cup skim milk)
1 lb butter
3/4 cup sugar
Bake in large roaster w/lid in 325̊ oven stirring occasionally. To quicken cooling process, I put small amount of mixture in bowl & set in sink full of ice. Yield: 25 1 cup freezer bags.

When you take it out of the freezer to use, I have found that a little extra cooking beyond just heating up helps the flavor and thickness.

*This is my favorite recipe for corn- it is so delish! I use it in some recipes too, and it just makes them taste wonderful.

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